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Owning a pool in Florida is great fun. It is the perfect way to cool off after a hot day and it is loads of fun to entertain guests. That is until it turns green for an algae bloom, yuk! In Florida’s tropical client, pools can turn green literally overnight. Employing Cooper Pools to perform routine scheduled cleanings and maintenance can greatly reduce the opportunities for these outbreaks.

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Efficient Cleaning

If your pool has already turned green, the clock is ticking because a green pool can do minor damage to a pool and the pool equipment. Start by calling the green pool experts at Cooper Pools, we will start a safe, yet aggressive program that will clean up your pool and make it safe to swim in again! Pools aren’t the only water feature that can have an algae bloom outbreak, your spa, water fountains, etc… We can work on all of them!


We are very cautious when it comes to protecting the environment we live in. Thus, we offer a variety of products that are eco-friendly, which means that we want to make sure that any product used during the pool cleaning services is going to have a minimal negative effect on flora and fauna not only on your property but in the whole area. We care for all our clients’ properties as much as we care for the entire environment.
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