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Pool Repair Services

Cooper Pools repairs more than just pools, we can also can repair spas and water fountains too. Each of these features have complex systems that all have to work together. Pumps, filters, skimmers, automation systems & underwater lighting. 


Our professional technicians will provide affordable serves that will be done as quickly as possible.  Most importantly, the repair will be done right, guaranteed. 


Low Suction & Circulation

If you’ve had issues with a decrease in the pool suction in your pool, call the professionals at Cooper Pools. We will repair your flow issues quickly and affordably. Most importantly, it will be run right, guaranteed. 

Leaking & Noisy Pumps

It is safe to say that a leaking pump can cause major issues. Excess wear on the motor caused by rust build up, increased water usage, and even possible erosion issues. A leaking pump will oftentimes result in added noise during operation. Our team of professionals can give you solutions that you need. Call us today!

Water Leaks & Water Loss

Are you finding more than 2” of water loss in your pool per week? Chances are, your pool or it’s system is leaking. This is a job for the experts at Cooper Pools. Whether the leak is above the surface or below, our trained professionals will locate the issue and fix the issue to get you back to enjoying your pools again without further worries. 

We also make special repairs to custom water features. We provide you with an up-front cost to repair the pool or water feature and a time frame for finishing the job at hand. Many times the repairs can be made without draining the pool using our advanced techniques. We can save you money from your water bill and get you back to enjoying your water features.

Remodel Your Pool

Take advantage of the fact that your pool needs repair and perhaps try a few upgrades. We can make the pool you currently own even more fun for your guests, clients, friends and family. We can correct previous issues with the design to make it more beautiful and practical.

Adding a
submerged shelf  8-16 inches below the waterline can transform your pool. This shelf is also known as an Acapulco shelf,  a Baja shelf, a Baja Step, a Shallow Reef Step, a Shamu Shelf, Sun Shelf, a Tanning Ledge or a Thermal Ledge. This is a great place for small children to play and for people to rest on the edge of the pool while enjoying the sun. You can also add water features creates the sound of a small waterfall, add handrails for better safety, or you can add our incredible looking LED color changing pool lights, or even a new tile of pebble finish to add new life and a longer lasting surface to the pool.

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