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Pool Resurfacing

Cooper Pool Service Wesley Chapel Resurfacing Services
Resurfaced gunite pool walls.
Pool Resurfacing Wesley Chapel Florida

Pool Resurfacing Services

Is the decking on your pool needing to be replaced? Maybe the surface is faded and cracked or you are looking to update the look of your decking. The professionals at Cooper Pools will go over all of your options for either your home or commercial pool, spa or fountain. We provide affordable yet high-quality craftsmanship. We will not only make sure that your resurfacing your pool and deck is done properly, but we will perform the work in the shortest time possible with the highest quality to get you back into your pool or spa as quickly as possible. We proudly offer Wet Edge Technologies resurfacing products. 

Warning Signs

If your pool is starting to age and it’s been years since your concrete (gunite) pool has been resurfaced, take the time to inspect the pool.

Here are some signs your pool needs attention:

    • If there are stains on the pool’s surface that are becoming more difficult to clean and remove.
    • If there is calcium buildup and if the texture of the surface has a very rough texture
    • If you find leaks occurring
    • If there is excessive chipping/cracking

Also take a look to see if you find hollow spots in the concrete material. If you have a concrete surface, then these are all signs that the waterproof coating on the concrete pool has been compromised. Contact us today because problems will only get worse if not fixed.

Cooper Pool Service Wesley Chapel Resurfacing Custom Tile Services
Custom turtle tiles on the stairs into the pool.

Things That Cause Damage

Pool surfaces can be damaged by any number of things:

    • Poor water chemistry
    • Leaving the pool empty for extended periods of time
    • The age of the pool

When To Resurface Pool

How often should I resurface my pool?

    • Gunite (Plaster/Concrete): 5-25 years
    • Diamond Brite Quartz: 5-12 years
    • Hydrazzo Polished Surface: 5-20 years
    • Pebble Tec Exposed pebble: 5-20 years
    • Tile: 10-75 years

Things that Effect Costs

There are a few things that determine the cost of fixing/replacing a pool’s surface damage:

    • The size and shape of the pool
    • The amount of contractors that will bid on the project
    • The type of surface that the pool was made with
    • How much damage has been done to the surface


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