Michael Cooper started Cooper Pools Inc in 2009 where it was always important to serve the community where he lived and provide a well needed service in a place where there is an abundance of swimming pools in one of the fastest growing parts of Tampa Bay.  Not only the service of swimming pools became important but also the ability to play a role in the community at large in helping it to grow and prosper as it has over the years. 

In addition to providing a vital pool service, Cooper has contributed his time and dedication to community initiatives helping others grow their livelihoods in their respective occupations. He provides consultations and life coaching to others in sharing his invaluable business acumen with others.     

Michael Cooper also serves on the Board of the Florida Swimming Pool Association serving as its Treasurer.  

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Roy Whitfield is a native Floridian accustomed to living in the Sunshine State, while also living and spending time in the Northeast, Midwest, and Rockies of the U.S.  As a well travelled professional, Roy has developed an affinity for interior design and architecture where along with his love for outdoors, he developed a passion for pools and their aesthetics.  As a family man, he has always been a consumer advocate interested in looking out for homeowners like himself while problem solving for them regarding pool cleaning, maintenance, and appearance.  

Having dedicated his past four years in the pool business, Roy came to realize that his quest to help others, problem solve, and improve swimming pools in his communities was a calling that needed to be served. He knows that it was necessary to be a student of pools in order to position himself to advise and help others who owned or managed facilities where a pool existed.

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