Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling brings new life to your pool.  Cooper Pools can deliver custom swimming pool renovations and refurbishments to suit your style.  Perk up your pool with fountains, waterfalls, sundecks and fire pieces to bring life back into your pool.  Pool renovating and remodeling can be a tricky job and if not done correctly a costly one.   The Cooper Pools Team can handle the smallest backyard pool to large scale aquaparks.  No size is too small or too large for the Cooper Pools Team.

Pool Resurfacing

Swimming pools are meant to be good looking like an oasis where the water is a place you want to be. However what happens when there are unsightly imperfections, cracks, and tiles that are missing?  How do these imperfections actually impact the performance of a pool?  Does it matter?  More than you think and more costly that few are willing to pay.  But a pool depends on its impervious nature of sealed surfaces from water penetrating beneath an area.  Once leaked, water can cause mold and bacteria that can live in crevices that can impact the health and well being of those who are swimming and touching the water and its surrounding surfaces.  

Heat, cold, and pressure can cause problems to occur.  The cleaning chemicals used, age and time of a pool’s life, and even lack of usage can create cracks in tiles, plaster and concrete, and other materials used such as pebbles and quartz. 

A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule is imperative towards pool resurfacing protection and prevention. Any minor stresses and fissures can be caught early and repaired before growing into a bigger and more expensive project and undertaking.

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