Swimming pools are meant to be good looking like an oasis where the water is a place you want to be. However what happens when there are unsightly imperfections, cracks, and tiles that are missing? How do these imperfections actually impact the performance of a pool? Does it matter?

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Acid Wash

Stains and calcium deposits are often found in swimming pools. In order to remove these, hydrochloric acid and water are used when mixed together. The acid wash itself is solely for the stains as opposed to “etching” which takes down part of the plaster surface when repainting or replastering.

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The repair of pools ranges depending upon the extent of the damage and parts required for replacement. The drains, heaters, and crack administration can contribute significantly to the costs and labor involved. Leaking where cracks are involved require a grinder that widens the crack followed by a plastering process.

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Green Pool Cleanup

The green generally refers to green algae that is best cleaned by adjusting the pH and alkalinity levels.  Pool chemicals and its filter are the fastest way to address green pool clean up issues. Depending upon the extent of the algae present in the pool, determines the steps and time for curing.

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